Hi, I am Travis Grossen.

Your friendly, neighborhood photographer. I love meeting new people! I currently live in Utah Valley but definitely willing to travel. I'm originally from Southern California, as well as my wife Elizabeth. She and I have three beautiful children together.

My full-time gig is Software Development, but photography is a big passion of mine. I first picked up a DSLR in 2013, in the summer as I was dating Elizabeth. She and I would go to fun locations and take couples pictures together, and share them with friends and family. Before I knew it, people were asking if I could take their pictures for them!

Honestly, the Utah photography market is too saturated for me to make a living off of it, so it's more of a hobby for me. That being said, I hope my work shows that it's a hobby that I take seriously, and because I don't need the work to make a living off it, I get to be super chill and down to earth.

I think we'll connect really well! If you think so too, please reach out!