Just you, or both of you. Engagements, bridals, announcements, or just because.



3 or more of you. Parent(s) and kids. Pets welcome too. Your closest group of humans.



Your big day. All day. Dusk till dawn and maybe a little more than that.


What do I get out of this?

It depends somewhat, but generally anywhere from 70 to several hundred edited photos. If you're wanting to know how many on average, take a look at my client collections and you'll see the complete set of images for each of those shoots.

Generally, I don't believe in limiting my offering to windows of time, or number of finished photos. A shoot will take anywhere from a half hour to an hour for Solo/Couple, a bit longer for family, and my wedding price is based on a full day. If your solo, couple, or family shoot takes a bit longer than that, no sweat! That generally means we're having a good time and getting some great shots.

If you get the full collection of your finished photos and want me to make extra special touches here or there, let me know. I don't charge extra for small requested touch-ups.


Are you willing to travel?

Of course! Pricing will be a bit different if I need to go more than 50 miles (I live in Utah Valley), but I'll still make it reasonable.

Are those your real prices?

I get this a lot. If you feel it's too low, tips are welcomed. If you feel it's too high, feel free to reach out. More than willing to discuss. If you've never paid for a shoot before it can be a daunting world to navigate.

Can I extend the session by a day or two?

Weddings and other events are often longer than a day. If that's the case, the pricing will be a bit more to account for the additional time.

What kind of gear do you use?

I shoot with a Canon 5D Mark III. I've got a bunch of lenses, and my current favorite is my Canon 70-200 f2.8 III.

Do I have to order prints through you?

I get some proceeds from prints you order through me, but I totally understand if you'd prefer to print through other methods. They're your photos.

Will my photos end up on your website?

Ah, you've noticed I'm proud of my work. I can't help it! That being said, if you'd prefer the photos from your shoot not be on my website, just give the word. I can also hide links to client collections so you can only get there if you have the link.

Additional questions?

Happy to chat. Head to my contact page and submit your question. Asking a question doesn't mean you're signing up for anything other than an answer and an offer to chat some more.

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